, graduated from St. Ursula High School and the University of Cincinnati, College of Applied Arts. Sister had a summer internship at the Cincinnati Art Museum, taught art in the Cincinnati Public Schools and established a custom art business with two colleagues before deciding to enter the monastery of cloistered Dominican Nuns in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1962. In 1989, she moved to St. Dominic’s Monastery in Washington, DC. She now resides at Caterina Benincasa Dominican Monastery in New Castle, Delaware.

The fine arts have always been greatly esteemed and utilized by the Order of Preachers (Dominicans) as an expression of its ministry to praise, to bless, and to preach. Sister Mary Grace has attempted to blend the contemplative and artistic into one in living out her Dominican monastic vocation. Her over forty years as a Dominican Nun have provided opportunities to broaden her use of various art media including sculpture, painting, woodcarving and printmaking in giving expression to religious and scriptural themes. Sister is an award-winning artist who has exhibited locally and has received commissions for many liturgical events and places of worship.